Reasons to Retain a Realtor

Because Realtors work on a commission-based salary, many people have a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to retaining one. But the facts are that working with a Realtor comes with many benefits to both the buyer and the seller. Buying a home or property is a huge commitment. You wouldn’t undertake a lawsuit without a lawyer, so why would you buy or sell a home without a Realtor? They are specially trained to protect your interests and work for your good. At KSI Realty & Insurance, our agents go ‘Beyond the Sale’ to ensure that each client experience is well above expectations.

Having a Realtor on your side comes with countless advantages. We break down the top 6 below.

1. Ethics - Realtors spend a lot of time throughout their careers learning ethical considerations for the real estate business. In fact, they are required to take an ethics course once every two years. In addition, the National Association of Realtors holds their members to a Code of Ethics that protect you, the client, and our agents. At KSI, all of our agents work for their clients benefit above anything else.

2. Pricing it Right - Realtors get paid commission, so you would think they would want to list a property at the highest amount, right? That’s actually a common misconception. Real Estate agents know that if they price a home too high, people won’t even look at the home. So they research your property and neighborhood to find out what the right market range is for your particular home. And if you’re on the buying side, a good Realtor will be able to advise you if a home is overpriced.

3. Asking for Repairs - Sometimes negotiating a contract can be tricky. Realtors are trained to work in their client’s best interests. Before even writing a contract, most real estate agents will identify possible issues with the property and advise their customer what the best option for them is. In addition, most agents have a list of “Go To Guys” that will do quality work, for an affordable price. If you’re working with KSI, that may even be Broker Keith Schrag. He loves to get his hands dirty and go “beyond the sale” to make sure his clients’ hopes and dreams are coming true.

4. Finding all the Listings - KSI Realty & Insurance is very well-connected in the Kansas real estate market. We currently list with THREE different Multiple Listing Services. That means if another agent creates a listing in any of those three services, we will know about it. We have the ability to show and find homes all along the I-135 Corridor. From Wichita to Salina, we’re working throughout Central Kansas for our clients.

5. Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork - Buying a home is a huge commitment. Most people will purchase a home only once or twice in their lives. Along with buying a home comes stacks of documents. A Realtor will walk their client through all the documents and will also keep the records on file. It reduces the risk of improper documentation or voided contracts.

6. Closing the Deal - It’s what Realtors do! If you have a seller on the fence about an offer, a Realtor has the business acumen to get the deal closed. With all of the considerations in a real estate transaction - there are a lot of bases to cover before closing the deal. Negotiating price, closing costs, repairs, warranties and dozens of other items - closing can be a hassle. At KSI, our agents handle all of the details and are committed to making the process as simple for you as possible.

In a world where real estate trends ebb and flow, having a quality agent on your side is very important. KSI Realty & Insurance hires quality agents that have experience and good qualifications. The benefits of hiring a Realtor will greatly outweigh the extra expense. It protects your interests, and ensures you’re getting the best quality for your money.

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